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FLOW’s specialized suite is tailored for cardiology outpatient clinics, streamlining the clinical trial pre-screening process. Enhance patient selection, optimize trials, and drive breakthrough outcomes in cardiology research.

Within outpatient Cardiology clinics, over 80% of patient data in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) remains unstructured. However, this vast sea of unstructured data often contains crucial insights essential for effective pre-screening for clinical trials.

At Cardea Health, we specialize in leveraging the capabilities of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to delve deep into these extensive, unstructured datasets. Our sophisticated approach ensures cardiologists and researchers can efficiently identify potential clinical trial candidates, enabling them to fully utilize their specialized knowledge and expertise.

FLOW suite of solutions provides a 10X value proposition vs today’s EMRs

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How FLOW's suite of solutions
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Consolidates relevant patient data
on a single pane of glass,
delivering real-time actionable insights


By seamlessly integrating within the clinician's workflow, our system proactively pre-evaluates patients for clinical trials. This not only improves the accuracy of the data extracted, ensuring only the most relevant and high-quality information is utilized, but also dramatically reduces the pre-screening time by up to 15 times. As a result, clinics benefit from enhanced data quality and efficiency, ensuring that patients are matched with the most suitable clinical trials quickly and effectively.


Empowers clinics by streamlining patient data analysis, for Clinical Trials candidates & treatment optimization

A complex Cardiology Ecosystem
made easy

Revolutionize Your Cardiology Trials with FLOW's Cardiac Data Lake. Dive deep into the realm of unstructured data, leveraging the industry's leading-edge solution to extract vital insights tailored for clinical trials in outpatient environments.

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