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Your Unified Cardiology Platform

Today, Cardiac specialists spend anywhere from 60-70% of their patient consult working with EMR technology, frantically searching and attempting to extract relevant patient data while providing the most accurate diagnosis and care path .

FLOW was designed to assist the physician's interaction with their cardiac patients during the patient consult.

What can FLOW do for you?

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Streamline end-to-end workflow

  • Automatically screen for clinical trials and remove the guess work from your diagnosis
  • Assess risk level and predict cardiac outcomes

Automate Manual Processes

  • Up to 20% in time-saving for each patient consultation
  • Automatically generate patient consult note
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The easiest way to 
Interpret and Analyze Data

  • Get clear insights on patient risk factors and relavent patient information all in one platform
  • Give your patients confidence and ease with the most accurate and up-to-date information

A complex Cardiology ecosystem made easy

Using Automated Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and medical algorithms, FLOW not only extracts the most relevant patient data from the EMR but also provides the required visual insights and guided recommendations for the physician.

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The Benefits of Flow


  • Increase your revenue
  • See more patients in less time
  • Manage priorities with direct access to the most relevant patient data


  • Attain more quality time interacting with the patient
  • Improve early detection of heart disease
  • Prevent adverse effects of medication


  • Reduce avoidable readmissions for chronic cardiac patients
  • Reduce physician burnout with intelligent workflow automation.
  • Achieve better outcomes for at-risk populations
Our Mission

To provide physicians real-time actionable insights on a single pane of glass so they can improve the quality of care for cardiac out-patients


Yes, data will flow seamlessly from the EMR into Flow and once the patient consult note is completed, it will be placed into the EMR patient note section of the EMR.

Cardea Health supports the latest standards for fast and efficient data exchange using Fast Health Information Resources(FHIR). Our solution also enriches the information in EMR/EHR systems by applying well known clinical ontologies such as ICD-10, SNOMED-CT and RxNorm

Cardea Health will always comply with mandated regulations such as the HIPAA Privacy rule to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of patient data, obtained with consent. In addition,  Cardea Health will be risk compliant as per the controls outlined in NIST SP-800-53 and the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.

Our technology does not require either FDA or Health Canada as per the current guidelines

We will be incorporating joint ACC/AHA and CCS guidelines in our recommendation engine.

No, as the patient falls under the `circle of care’, the physician would not require a separate patient consent document when using Flow.

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Don't miss out. FLOW is the optimal technology solution to not only improve your workflow but improve cardiac patient outcomes.