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The vast sea of data in Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) – over 80% – remains unstructured, but often contains crucial insights essential for effective health care.

At Cardea, we specialize in leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to delve deep into the data and identify the right patient for the right clinical trial at the right time. Our approach enables healthcare better outcomes by an order of magnitude compared to the market.

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faster patient identification


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Supercharge your clinical trials

How FLOW's suite of solutions
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Consolidates relevant patient data
on a single pane of glass,
delivering real-time actionable insights


Cardea’s cutting-edge solution seamlessly matches the right patients to the right clinical trials in a fraction of the time it takes today. All with high accuracy and low effort, at scale, delivering unparalleled results.


Empowers clinics by streamlining patient data analysis, for Clinical Trials candidates & treatment optimization

A complex Cardiology Ecosystem
made easy

Revolutionize Your Cardiology Trials with FLOW's Cardiac Data Lake. Dive deep into the realm of unstructured data, leveraging the industry's leading-edge solution to extract vital insights tailored for clinical trials in outpatient environments.

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